11 lovely DP WhatsApp Quote for Fathers

By | December 8, 2019

Father is the real hero in everyone’s life. But sometimes we don’t get enough time or space to express how we feel for him. So here are 11 lovely DP WhatsApp Quote for Fathers and you can send them to your father.

Emotional Quote for Father
Emotional Quote for Father

Dads are always trying to make his children’s lives beautiful. So no matter how hard the situation is he can’t stop. This quote about a dad who leaves for work in the early morning and how his child feels bad about him.

My Dad is King quotes
My Dad is King

To a daughter, his first man is her father. Also, fathers always try to do the best for his daughter. She doesn’t need a price to be a princess because her father is already king.

Dad is the Standard to judge other men quotes
Dad is the Standard to judge other men

Every girl’s first love is her dad. Since her childhood, she learns about the men compared to her dad. So when she becomes the adult she judges other men according to her dad.

The Safest girl in the world quotes
The Safest girl in the world

Dad is the superhero in our lives. Also for a girl holding dad’s hand gives the safest feeling.

I am a Princess quotes
I am a Princess

Dad is the first person who treats his daughter like a princess. Also, the first person who makes her daughter beautiful in every way like a princess. So a daughter no needs a prince to make her princess.

Standard to judge other men quotes
Standard to judge other men

Every girl has a standard over men. But her standards basically come from according to her dad. Because since her childhood, she got to know about men’s behaviors from the dad. Especially how he treats her mother. How her dad loves her mother. So her standard over men will be good or bad according to her dad.

One of the happiest moment quotes
One of the happiest moment

Always fathers take the daughter’s side. Sometimes mom gets strict over in daughters matters. But mom’s “No” never matters with Dad “Yes”. Because his approval is the final decision. Of course, it’s a happy time when dad says “Yes”!

Thank you Dad quotes
Thank you Dad

Fathers always worry about his children’s problems. These problems never end and we have to face different problems in different stages. At that time dad is the one who protects us from all these problems. And also he is the only one who trusts us in every situation and gives courageous. There is nothing to compare love of a father.

Super Dad quotes
Super Dad

In my childhood, I never think about fake or artificial heroes. Because of my real hero always with me. My Dad, he can do anything that I request. Making beautiful paly houses, fixed my doll broken leg, make delicious meals for me when my mom not around, also tie my hair using different styles. Everything he did for me. In my eyes, he is always my Super hero..My dad, you are my super dad.

Difficult to be a dad quotes
Difficult to be a dad

It is easy to be a father for any man. But it’s difficult to be a dad. Dad always gives lots of love, protection, and care. In addition, he has lots of time for his children. Everything he does sake for his children. So every man can be a father but it’s difficult to be a dad.

Fathers cry secretly quotes
Fathers Cry Secretly

Fathers never cry in front of his children in any difficult situation. Especially when his children are in Sad. But he cries secretly because he feels the same feeling like children. Because he thinks that his tears will discourage his children. Also, he does not hesitate to smile in front of everyone when his children smile.

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