13 Cool DP Life Quotes for Whatsapp

By | November 25, 2019

These wonderful life quotes for all Whatsapp users. Within a day we have to face so many things. They may be sad, happy, disappointment, losses…etc.

Most of Whatsapp users share their life events on Whatsapp to express how they felt. And also sometimes we need to express our feelings without telling someone.

Life Quotes for Whatsapp
You, Will, learn the value – Life quotes for Whatsapp

It’s easy to judge someone. But it’s not easy to judge their hard work. To do something correctly we need to do lot of sacrifices and hard works. The final result may look so simple or luxurious but the hard work behind is can’t be underestimated. So don’t judge the people so easily. Once you will know how hard they work when you face the same situation.

Expecting miracles life quotes
Expecting miracles – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

Of course, there are so many fails in life. But some times we do the same thing knowing the result, but expecting the miracles.

Short period of life quotes
The short period of life – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

We can’t exactly say how many time left from our lives and how much remaining. But in this short period of a lifetime, we waste our times for unnecessary arguments, getting angry with each other and hating each other. Don’t do that. Be calm and love to all. It does not make you stupid but a real human.

Because of expectation life quotes
Because of expectation – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

In our lifetime, we have lots of expectations from our loved ones. We need their attention and care. But for some reason, we didn’t get them as we expected. So we make our own heartbreaks and suffering from them. So don’t expect too much from anyone. If so it only gives you pain.

Don't be sad about bad days life quotes
Don’t be sad about bad days – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

Life never always a success. Everyone lives there are many bad days and disappointment. You just need to be strong. Without them, you can’t make an experience that leads to your success. Your bad days will definitely give you a beautiful and successful life.

You have millions of reasons to smile life quotes
You have millions of reasons to smile

Life will give you a hard time. You may be discouraged because of them. Don’t be sad. Be Strong. If life give you a hundred reasons to cry show life that you have millions of reasons to smile. You are the one who responsible for your own happiness.

Because of beautiful hearts life quotes
Beautiful hearts – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

Most people think the world becomes beautiful because of beautiful faces. A beautiful face with a rude or bad heart not make the world beautiful but gives a hard time for everyone. But a beautiful heart with a pure soul can give everyone happiness and love. Be a beautiful heart, not a beautiful face. Then you can make your own life and other’s life beautiful.

It's ok to be alone life quotes
It’s Ok to be alone – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

We all need love and happiness. But sometimes we stayed with some people who hurt us because of love. It only gives you pain. It’s ok to be alone rather than being with wrong persons. At least it will make your mind peace and fewer heartbreaks.

Appreciate the good effort life quotes
Appreciate the good effort

We can’t always agree with everyone. Because peoples have different perspectives. Sometimes we give our maximum hard work for something and gain bad results or not get the results as we expected. When this kind of failure happened we should not insult them, just need to appreciate the good effort.

Look for life in mars life quotes
Look for life in mars – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

On the earth, there are so many people who don’t have a proper meal, clean water, proper education, also a proper place to stay. But without thinking them we spend so much money looking at lives in other planets.

I am adapting to it life quotes
I am adapting to it – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

We are working hard for a good life. But everyone is not lucky enough to get things as they wish. So at that time, we need to adapt ourselves to the situation. Without getting discouraged. Everything happens according to karma.

The best of your life, life quotes
The best of your life – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

Your past only gives you good lessons and experience. But don’t worry about the bad things happen in the past. Your future is not like your past and it will be the best in your life. Life is what we build.

Don't get stress life quote for whatsapp
Don’t get stress – Life Quotes for Whatsapp

We can only see today, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So then why we worry about unsure things. Make beautiful today. Be happy today. Make your today better.

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