15 Amazing Love Quotes For WhatsApp

By | April 6, 2020

Love is a powerful emotion which valued by everyone. Everyone needs love. So here are 15 amazing love quotes for Whatsapp which can send to loved ones.

I love you, a Love quotes for whatsapp
I Love You

Some people are afraid of falling in love. Because they are afraid of heartbreaks. But there are real lovers who can heal this kind of heart. When you fall in love with real one everything seems beautiful. The darkness covered with your life disappears. Although, his magical kisses can give you a good sleep. Love can change everything.

Because I LOVE YOU

I wanted to be with you. But I always afraid to run to you first. Because you are too perfect for me. The only thing I can do is looking at you from the distance.

Thank you love quotes
Thank you for all

When I first met you, I was in a very bad state. But you give me the courage to face all the problems. You value me, trust me and give me lots of love. Also, make my confidence. Told me to let’s face every problem together. Thank you very much for loving me so much.

You are the only choice of mine love quotes
You are the only choice of mine.

In the past I chose you. Also, present I choose you. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. But If I live definitely I will choose you. You are the only choice of mine.

Haven't found a way to tell you love quotes
Haven’t found a way to tell you

I always love you more than anything in this world. I want to tell you as well. But yet I haven’t found a way to tell you.

Get to know about love quotes
Only because of you

I never think of loving someone. I even don’t know how to feel love. But when you step into my life everything gets change. Everything looks beautiful. My heart raise becomes fast. Now I know what is love and that’s only because of you.

You are my world love quotes
You are my world

I am very weak at expressing my feelings. So I may not say you I love you, every time. If I say it’s a reminder for you, that you are my world. Without you I am nothing.

I'll love you forever love quotes
I’ll Love you forever

We can’t predict tomorrow. Our only reality is today. No matter what will happen tomorrow or what will change tomorrow. But my love for you will never change. I love you forever.

I am falling love with you love quotes
I am falling love with you

What kind of magic you have done to you. Day by day I am falling for you. And also when I see you give me lots of happiness. I don’t know what is happening to me. Only thing I know is I love you.

I am afraid of losing you love quotes
I am afraid of losing you

Actually the first time you send me “Hi”, I am a little bit hesitant to reply to you. When you first call me actually I am afraid to talked to you. Also when you say “I want to meet you”, I don’t want to show up to you. Because I am afraid of being hurt. However Now I am with you and, I love you. But now afraid of losing you.

You are the reason for my happiness love quotes
You are the reason for my happiness

I never want to be the reason for your happiness because if you are sad I am also unhappy.

I couldn't describe my dream love quotes
I couldn’t describe my dream

My dream is you. I want to make a family with you. Also, I want to be forever with you. So my dream can’t easily describe to someone. It’s full of emotions and hopes.

Even in my dreams love quotes
Having a Conversation with you

No matter how much time I spend with you in a day. I am having a conversation with you even in my dreams.

Just be happy with her love quotes
That’s enough for me

Darling My love for you will never change. But I am not capable of making you happy. It’s ok to be happy with her. Wish you all the best.

It's giving me healing love quotes
It’s giving me healing

The most beautiful smile I ever had seen is yours. It’s truly given me healing.

Also, you can send these 15 Amazing Love Quotes For WhatsApp in the SMS version.

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