17 Beautiful WhatsApp Quotes of Dog love

By | April 5, 2020

The dog is the most trusted and lovable animal on earth. He loves his family without expecting anything. So these 17 beautiful WhatsApp quotes of dog lovers will express how dog lovers love to their dogs. You can pick the best quotes from this collection and add them as DP in your WhatsApp.

Dog loves you more than himself quotes
Dog loves you more than himself

No one can love like a dog. His love is so pure. Although he is never complaining about anything. The only thing he needs is our attention. A dog is the only one who loves you more than he loves himself.

Love as unconditionally as dog quotes
Love as unconditionally as a dog

In every relationship in human life has conditions. They have lots of demands. But dogs, they love us unconditionally. This world definitely is beautiful if people can love each other like dogs.

Only need your company dog love quotes
Only need company

Some times we just need a good companion to without unnecessary dramas. A peaceful time. A dog is the only one who gives companionship like this. Also, a dog is who asked for nothing but his master’s company. Actually it’s the most beautiful relationship in this world.

I want to go where my dog went quotes
I want to go where my dog went

Dogs are the only one who truly loves us. So if there are no dogs in heaven I don’t want to go there. I want to go where they went. No heaven..without dogs. It’s ok to be in hell with dogs.

My sunshine dog quotes
My sunshine come from my dog

My sunshine never comes from the sky. It’s come from the love of my dog’s beautiful eyes. Soft and pure sunshine fills my life full of joys.

True love of dog quotes
True love of the dog

Everything in this world can be fake. Every relationship can be fake. But there is nothing truer in this world than the love of dog love.

Never broken faith quotes
Never broken faith

As a human since our birth, we bound to many relationships. Also, we expect strong and faithful relationships. Also, the trust and loyalty in a relationship never be stable. But your dog never breaks your faith. In this world, there is no faith which has never yet be broken except truly faithful dog.

Judge heart of a man quotes
Judge heart of a man

You can identify a good heart man by looking at the treatment of animals.

How dog love a person quotes
How to love a person

There are various kinds of people in the world. Because they have different perspectives. Also, there are some people who don’t know how to love a dog. But every dog knows how to love a person. He gives love for all.

Dogs make our life whole quotes
Dogs make our life whole

In our life, there are so many priorities than a dog. He is not our whole life. But unknowingly he makes our life whole. It makes sense to us the day he left us.

Friend and companion quotes
Friend and companion

No animal in the world can be a good companion and friend just like a dog. Because he is the only one who understands humans.

In joy time quotes
In joy time

Have you ever seen a dog wag his tail when he sees his master? He does it every time. Dogs do that when they are very happy. That means that every time he sees his master, he is very happy. How nice if we have a tail that can wag at a joyful time.

Every one thinks his dog is best quotes
Everyone thinks his dog is the best

Have you ever met a group of dog lovers and heard how they talk about their dog. Of course, they think their dog is the best one. But truly none of them are wrong.

Hard to feel sad quotes
Hard to feel sad

A true companion understands how we feel. That’s why dogs comfort us when we are sad. He changes our minds using his cute behaviors. At that time it’s hard to feel sad.

Perfect happiness in heaven quotes
The perfect happiness in heaven

If God prepares everything for our perfect happiness, then definitely my dog should be there.

Dogs give us there all quotes
Dogs give us there all

We give our spare time, space and love to a dog. But he gives everything to us. The only one who can sacrifice everything for us.

Dog love their friends quotes

Dogs are not like human they love their friends and bite their enemies. But people always have mixed feelings. They don’t know about pure love or hatred. That’s why they love and hate in their object relations.

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