27 Sad Love Quotes for Whatsapp

By | December 5, 2019

Love is not always beautiful because everyone is not blessed enough to have a love as they expected. Sometimes you need to express your sadness. So here are most heart touching sad love quotes that you can share on WhatsApp as your DP.

Going to be alone sad love quotes
I am going to be alone

The start of love is always beautiful. So many texts, calls, sweet words, promises. We fall for all of them. Since then we make our own world to live with our love. But by the time everything will be changed. Your lover may not text as before. He/ she may not have time to asked How your day was. These will make you hurt. And also it’s maybe a signal of you are going to be alone.

Not have enough time with you quotes
Not have enough time with you

The beautiful moments of your love are the always best memory. For some reason, my love is not with me today. But I was so happy with him. Everything is fine, but the time I spend with him is not enough for me.

By the time your soul will be healed quotes
By the time your soul will be healed

Sometimes we have to make decisions not following the heart but the brain. That decision will make you so hurt and burn you so hard. It will not be easy to endure. But by the time your soul will be healed forever unlike hurting every day. So listen to your self.

Think of everything as permanent quotes
Think of everything as permanent

If you hurt by someone don’t go to punish them or hate them. Stay calm. Be silent. The best punishment that anyone can give is forgiveness. Don’t make dirty your mind filling hate. Also, it will be a hard time for you, so be patience. Release them. give them what they want. Think, in this world nothing is permanent.

People who are hurt sad love quotes
People who are hurt

People who are hurt so much never going to argue. They strongly made up their minds and become silence. Because there are no results of arguing and explaining.

Ignored by loved one sad love quotes
Ignored by a loved one

It’s really hurt when you ignored by the person you love most. Because we always need their company and attention. It’s hard to endure the pain being ignored.

Hurt by loved ones sad love quotes
Hurt by loved ones

We are not only hurt by the our enemies but also from our loved ones. The most painful thing is hurt that we received from our loved ones because we expect hate from the enemies, not from loved ones.

I have lots of things to say quotes
I have lots of things to say

Darling, I always have lots of things to share with you and say. But you do not prefer to listen to them. You do not even give me a chance to explain. Everything I do only sake of you. But babe there will be a day that you want to listen, but I may have nothing to tell.

Love is not about owning quotes
Love is not about owning

Most people think that love is owning the person he/she loves. No, it is not loving. Love is about taking care of each other in every situation.

Some people will regret quotes
Some people will regret

It’s natural to think always the person you love. But some times they think it as a trouble. Because they don’t value the love and sacrifices you made. So they think to leave you giving so much pain. But one day they will definitely regret their wrongdoing thinking why they mistreat you. It’s the best punishment.

Not gain what we want quotes
Not gain what we want

Sometimes we don’t get what we want in our life. But when we truly love someone, we can be happy looking at their happiness. It’s true love.

You are still important to me quotes
You are still important to me

It’s fine, we don’t talk anymore. But it doesn’t matter to me. With or without conversation you are still important to me.

The most beautiful moment with you quotes
The most beautiful moment with you

If I get a chance to go back to my past. I will definitely go not to change anything but to experience the best moments with you.

Just endure all sad love quotes
Just endure all

Sometimes we become so helpless in our life. Because we have no power to change things, or we don’t have alternatives. But enduring them with silence.

Protecting loved one's smile quotes
Protecting loved one’s smile

In a relationship, we can’t be happy together every time. Because of misunderstanding, sacrifices, like-dislike, everything matters. But the sake of person we love we get the power of hiding our pain to keep our loved ones smile.

You are the one who left quotes
You are the one who left

At the start, you are the one who told me “I love you so much and don’t think of leaving me”. Bu today I am at the same place and you are the one who left.

Because we love more quotes
Because we love more

Some time without creating unnecessary dramas we become silent. It’s not because we don’t love, But because we love more.

Better to walk away sad love quotes
Better to walk away

If someone treats you as a problem, mentioned you as a problem or consider you as a problem, then don’t stay there. Walk away. Otherwise both of them will be unhappy.

I want you sad love quotes
I want you

I want you in my life because you are the only one for me. But I suddenly realize I am not good enough for you.

Really miss old days quotes
Really miss old days

I really miss the old you. Can’t you be like your old self? I really miss him.

I will burst in to tears quotes
I will burst into tears

Now my situation is so worst and I don’t want to talk about it. If I do definitely I will burst into tears.

Stop making excuses quotes
Stop making excuses

Why are you making excuses? If he needs to see you he would, and If he needs to know about you, he will call or texts you. Also If he need you in his life no matter how hard it is, he would make it. So just stop making excuses.

Being alone sad love quotes
Being alone

Always better to be alone rather than being ignored.

he purest form of I love you quotes
The purest form of I love you

Some people really love themself than other ones. They love their freedom. In a relationship, if someone loves him/ her self than the other person, leave them. Think about them. They don’t like hardly tie relationships. Say goodbye to them keeping your love. It’s a one of the purest form saying “I love you”.

The way I cared for you quotes
The way I cared for you

Is I am only troubled for you?. But one day you will go to miss my boring texts, calls, silliness, my mood swings, arguments. More than that you will miss the way I care for you.

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25 Heart touching Sad Love Quotes

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