Beautiful Christmas Wishes List

By | November 10, 2019

Christmas is all about happiness, joy, and prosperous. Nothing can compare to the happiness gathering with a family around a Christmas tree. You can select a wish from our Christmas wishes list and send them to your loved ones who nearby you and far away from you.

In this cool December, we make new wishes. Good plans along with Christmas for the upcoming new year. Sharing and giving make Christmas more beautiful. People in every corner in the world share their love with each other. Also , making good memories.

New clothes, delicious Christmas foods, sparkling lights all these only bring happiness into our homes. Because of Christmas, all the family members who far away from home have time to spend time with the family.

Christmas always creates peace in the mind. And also gives chances to make strong relationships with all family members, neighbors, and friends. After working an entire year, it gives a chance to relax both your body and soul. In addition, Christmas gives strengths to work hard in the new year.

So in this Christmas season, wish your all the loved ones from your bottom of the heart. Merry Christmas all.

Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones

I Wish You Merry Happy Christmas!

At the end of this cool December

We all warm up our hearts with


Fill our hearts with new


Expecting a better new year..!

Before that,

I want to wish you

Merry Happy Christmas!!

I am always with you. Merry Happy Christmas!


I know how hard your life was


Life is not always unkind

Work hard

I am always with you and

I wish you Merry Happy Christmas.!!

Fill your home with laughter…

May the Christmas season fill your

home with laughter and

hearts full of love

Merry Christmas!!

Heartiest Wishes…

The heartiest Wishes for

Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year!!

Make your life beautiful in this Christmas…

No one can make

your life beautiful

you are the one who can make

your own life happiness

Stay calm.

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Around the Christmas Tree

I wish the happiness around your

Christmas tree

with your family will remain


Merry Happy Christmas!!


In this Lovely Christmas Season

I wish you will find

Thousands of reasons to


Merry Happy Christmas and Happy New Year…

Good times of your family…

The good times of your family

will treasure as a memory tomorrow…


makes lot of memories this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

Wish all joy and happiness…

In this lovely Christmas

I wish

All joy and happiness for

your lovely family.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you, for being my family…

Like always

I am so grateful that you are here

To celebrate Christmas with me.

Thank you for being my Familly…

Merry Christmas…!

Makes way for a bright Start…

Make this holiday season

a joyful one and

makes way for a bright start.

I wish a Merry Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Your Love always in my heart…

No matter how I am far away from you

Your love always in my heart

Be happy, healthy, and patient

I’ll be there soon

Merry Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

My sweet Heart!

May God give all the happiness…

Wishing Merry Happy Christmas to you and

Your wonderful family


May God give you all the happiness in the world.

Childhood memories with you…!

Every Christmas

My childhood memories renew

Every mischief I did with you

Brings a smile on my face as before…

Thank you for making good memories

with me

I wish you a Merry Happy Christmas…!

Dear Bestie…

Without you

I am incomplete

Thank you very much

Being with me

and correcting me

My Bestie…

I miss you so much…

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!!

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