Heart Touching Quotes For Dad

By | November 15, 2019

“D”, “A”, “D” is the strongest three letters in the world. For the girls, it says their first love is the dad and for the boys their first hero is Dad. So here are best heart touching quotes for dad. There may be the best one for you.

He can play many roles that make his children happy. At a time, this amazing person can change his character into a magician, Superman, and also a Hulk.

He has no time to get a proper meal, proper sleep, and proper rest because he just needs to give those things to his family. This amazing man never gets tired. Sometimes his body becomes weak, but his mind is the strongest. He is happy when someone said your children look like you in appearance. The only dream he is dreaming about the success of his children.

It’s enjoyable to spend time with this magician and Superman. But Hulk… no way.  He is afraid when his children become teenagers or adults. Because he realizes his cute babies, not babies anymore. At that time, children just asked for freedom. They don’t want to listen to their dad. So then he became the hulk for the sake of his children.

When he gets old, seek our attention. But he will not show us. He will think he is strong enough to do his work and show us he is not alone. But inside he is waiting for his children. So never, let your father be alone. He sacrifices all the things to make his children happier.

Also, time will pass through with these happy and sad moments. Remember, everything will be changed. But not the “DAD”. He will be anywhere we are asked for.

Super Dad

In my childhood

I never thought

Existence of a Superman……


My “SUPER DAD” always with me.

Please Stop

I hate the rain in morning

It’s never given me a chill or comfortable feeling….

On that time

I just pray to GOD…

Please STOP…

My dad needs to go to work.

Please be kind enough……….

First Love…

My first love has

Strong arms and legs covered with fur

King size Stomach

Fair skin

little of hair

And more than a beautiful smile…!


An ability to bring everything

What I asked for…


You Are My First Love!!

The Safest girl


Do you know

How I feel

when I am holding your finger


I am the safest girl in the world!


I don’t need a Prince

to be a princess


My Dad is the king!!


To a girl

Dad is a Standard

to judge

Other men

Be a Dad

Every man can be a father


It’s difficult to be a Dad…

Cry Secretly

Fathers cry secretly

when his children cry


he laughed

In front of every one

When his children are Smile…


One of the happiest moments is

Mom says “No”

Father Says “Yes.”…

Love me

Thank you, Dad.


worry about me

Protecting me

Trusting me

In this world, nothing can

Compares to your love…

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