Most Beautiful Quotes For Dog Lovers

By | December 1, 2019

Here are the most beautiful quotes for dog lovers and you can feel how wonderful this creature is. If you are a real dog lover you will definitely curious about how the dog thinks about us.? What would he say if he has the ability to talk to us. ? Of course, they talk. Not using words, but using his behaviors. A true dog lover can understand what he says.

There is no one in this world loyal than a dog. His love is unconditional. We just need to give him some spare time, food, place and he give us everything. A true companion always supports us in every situation. Like, people, he doesn’t mind his owner poor or ugly or wealthy or beautiful. In his eyes always his owner is the best.

Being with a dog always makes happy memories. He can disappear our sadness and only thing he needs is our attention.

In short period of his life, he waiting for us more than half of his life. Dogs are the only animal who understand humans very well. He is the only one who can share our tears and happiness without misunderstanding. Also, he is the only one who bears everything and gives his love to us without any grudges.

It’s a blessing to have a dog. Just pay a little bit of attention to him.

Love More than

A Dog is the only thing on earth

That loves you more than

He Loves himself…

Josh Billings

Love as…

The world would be a

Nicer place

If everyone had the ability to love as

Unconditionally as Dog…

M.K. Clinton

How beautiful…

How Beautiful it is to find

Someone who asks for nothing

But your company…

Brigitte Nicole

Want to go where they went…

If there are no dogs

In heaven

Then when I die

I want to go where they went

Will Rogers

My Sunshine…

My sunshine

Doesn’t come from the skies

It comes from the love

That’s in my dogs eyes…


Nothing truer…

There is nothing

Truer in this world than the love of

A good dog…

Mira Grant

Truely faithful Dog…

There is no faith

Which has never

Yet been broken

Except that

Of a truely faithful Dog

Konrad Lorenz

Judge the heart…

We can judge

The heart of a man

By his treatment of


Immanuel Kant

How to love a person…

Not every person knows

how to love a dog


Every Dog knows

How to Love a person…


Make our lives whole…

Dogs are not

Our whole life


They make our lives whole…

Roger Caras

Friend and Companion…

No animal I know of can

Consistently be more of a

Friend and companion than

A dog…

Stanely Lemwall

All of us wished…

In times of joy

All of us wished

We possessed a tail

We could wag…

W.H. Auden

The Best Dog…

Everyone thinks

That they have

The best dog


None of them are wrong…

W.R. Purche

Hard to feel sad…

When an eighty-five pound animal

Licks your tears away

Then tries to sit on your lap

It’s hard to feel Sad…

Kristan Higgins

Perfect happiness in heaven…

God will prepare

Everything for our perfect happiness

In heaven and

If it takes my dog being there

I believe he’ll be there…

Billy Graham

Best Deal

We give dogs

Time we spare

Space we can spare and

Love we can spare…

And in return

Dogs give us there all

It’s best deal man has ever made…

M. Facklam

Dogs love their friends and

Bite their enemies

Quite unlike people

Who are incapable of pure love and

Always have to mix love and

Hate in their object relations…

Sigmund Freud

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