Wonderful Life Quotes For All

By | November 5, 2019

Since birth, we have to struggle with life until we die. That’s how life is.  Full of difficulties, happy moments and the sad moments, hard times, painful memories, losing dearest ones, broken hearts. These wonderful life quotes for all will give you some relief.

No matter what we have to face them. If not, we’ll become losers in life. We should fight for our dreams. Chasing dreams is one of the hard tasks. Also, there is a high chance of falling down, so we should be stronger.

Love, family, relationships play a big role in our lives. These things can bring joy and sadness. It depends on the choices we make. However, we can’t make wise decisions always because some decisions are linked with emotions. Sometimes the heart takes the lead to decide, sometimes the brain. Therefore, enjoy life as much as you can. Be happy. You won’t know how much time left for you.

Life quotes for all

You will learn the value

Once you carry

Your own water,

You will learn the value of

Every drop..!

Expecting miracles…

Sometimes we do the same stupid things

Knowing the results

But expecting miracles.

No time for…

In this short period of life

There is no time for

Get angry with your loved ones.

Hate with each other…

Because we don’t know

What will happen tomorrow.


We make

Our own heartbreaks

Because of Expectation.

Make it better

Don’t get stress

Thinking about your future…


The only thing you have is today.

Make it better.

Bad days

Don’t be sad about the bad days.

Without them

You can’t gain experience

To make

Beautiful days!


Life will give you

Hundred reasons to cry

Show life you have millions of reasons to


Beautiful Hearts

World become beautiful

Not because of the beautiful faces

But because of the beautiful


Be Alone

It’s ok to be alone.

Rather than being with

Wrong persons.

Don’t insult

If you can’t appreciate the good effort

It’s ok.

But don’t insult them.

Take care of…

We look for life on Mars

When we can not take care of

What we have on earth

Wish for a good life

I wish for a good life.

And work for it.

But what I gain was not what I expected!

No worries

I am adapting to it.

Best of your life…

No matter how much you struggle in the past


The rest of your life will be

The best of your life…

Be strong.

Life is what we build.

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